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Electronic Arts, publisher responsible for famous games like the franchises Fifa, The Sims and Battlefield, received a mention in Guinness and is not for something positive. The record achieved is the comment with the highest number of negative votes within Reddit, amid the controversy of the loot boxes of Battlefront II.

Electronic Arts Battlefront II Loot Box

It all happened in 2017, when the loot box system was announced for the game, which allows microtransactions not to be mandatory for some items, such as unlocking other characters. The problem is that this system was so hated (with reason) that the comments of the developer’s employees for the players’ doubts received a lot of negative votes.

One of them scored more than 683,000 negative votes, a record across Reddit. This number secured a mention in next year’s Guinness Book. To give you an idea, the runner-up in the comments list with the most negative votes has 88,900 of them and that’s 7.6 times less than the comment from the Electronic Arts employee – the subject of this second place involves Thanos and Avengers.

Battlefront II is a game focused on multiplayer (it even has some missions and a story of its own) and that takes place within the Star Wars universe. It was released in 2017 and today is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

With information: Kotaku and SlashGear.

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