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O DualSense, PS5 control, works on PC and cell phones Android as Bluetooth control. The news came from the channel Austin Evans, on YouTube, which posted a video of unboxing and first tests of the accessory.

DualSense should work on Android and Windows phones (Image: Austin Evans / Playback)

DualSense should work on Android and Windows phones (Image: Austin Evans / Playback)

In his video, Evans clarifies that he received control in advance, without mentioning where it came from. He opens the box of the device and does some of the first tests, including connection to an Android phone, the Pixel 5, one of the latest models in the Google line.

Austin Evans performs the test by playing Forza Horizon 4, from Xbox One, via xCloud on Android. He explains that the control is 100% functional, but without extra functions like rumble and the haptic sensor, promised for the PS5.

The presenter also tests the DualSense with a notebook, where it normally works as a Bluetooth control, albeit with limitations, and on the PS4, where it connects only as a functional microphone, despite being recognized.

The PS4 comes to recognize DualSense as a “Bluetooth Control”, in a generic way, but it does not work with the buttons and commands.

According to the video, DualSense:

  • Works on Android phones without rumble (rumble) or haptic sensor (Bluetooth connection)
  • Works on Windows computers without vibration or haptic sensor (Bluetooth connection)
  • Works on PS4 only as a microphone, connected by cable

No testing was performed on iOS devices, however, so there is no way to say whether DualSense works on iPhone or iPad – although it is likely, also via Bluetooth connection.

Further details of DualSense

Another detail shown in the video is that the DualSense box describes it as “compatible with PS5”, and only PS5, not to mention any other platform.

Austin Evans also points out that it is always possible that the controller, one day, will be compatible with the PS4, through updating, since it was normally recognized by the console.

More news and tests are expected to emerge in the coming days, as the official launch of the PS5 approaches on November 12.

With information: Austin Evans.

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