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The password manager and the secure folder feature of Dropbox, Dropbox Passwords and Dropbox Vault, respectively, are being released this Wednesday, August 12th, for all paying users of the platform. Both were released on June 16 this year and released in beta that day. Service subscribers will now be able to officially enjoy these benefits.

Dropbox Passwords (Photo: Disclosure / Dropbox)

Available in Pro and Plus plans, Dropbox Passwords is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. With it, you can save your logins and fill in automatically when accessing a website. As the feature works integrated, your credentials will be synchronized with your other devices. With the novelty, the service can compete with platforms such as LastPass and 1Password.

Dropbox Vault, in turn, acts as a “virtual safe” and is focused on confidential documents. By using it, you can protect your files with a password and also define who can access data in the cloud.

Photo: MaxPixel (CC0)

Also in June, the company had introduced an automatic backup feature from the computer (available for Windows and Mac), which is also available as of today for both subscribers and those who use the Basic plan, which is free.

Finally, there is more news for the Pro and Business plans. It is now possible to customize files that go to the cloud, for example, it is feasible to add the company logo, name, among others. In addition, users can have information on the scope of the shared link: check who accessed and downloaded it (the files). For now, only Pro subscribers can use these tools.

For Business, the release should occur soon.

With information: The Verge and Engadget.

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