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THE Epic Games Store is offering for free six Batman games for PC: this includes titles Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight, in addition to the LEGO Batman trilogy (The Videogame, DC Super Heroes and Beyond Gotham). You can download them on Windows until September 26, 2019.

Batman Arkham Collection

If you already have the Epic Games Store installed on your PC, just open it and click on the Batman Free Week link. You can also purchase games through the browser: go to, log in and find the free games section (or visit this direct link).

There are two separate packages: Batman: Arkham Collection, which usually costs R $ 113.99; and Lego Batman Trilogy, sold for the same price. During the promotional period, you will pay $ 0 for both.

In each of the packages, just click on “Place order” and the games will be linked to your account for free. It is not necessary to download them immediately.

Epic Games Store has free PC games every week

The Epic Games Store offers different free games each week. From September 26, you will be able to obtain Metro: 2033 Redux and Everything without paying anything. The store tightened competition with Steam, charging developers a 12% fee (versus Valve’s 30%).

I’m a big fan of the series Batman: Arkham, especially from Arkham City (trailer above). In Arkham Knight, you can drive the Batmobile and explore the entire city of Gotham; the game was a bit buggy at the time of launch, but received the necessary corrections. These games were developed by Rocksteady; there is also the Arkham Origins, made by WB Games, which is not included in the package.

As for the trilogy LEGO Batman, I never played. If you don’t know it, the trailer below gives you an idea of ​​what to expect:

Epic Games Store interface for getting Batman: Arkham Collection for free:

Batman at Epic Games Store

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