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O Disney + is coming to Brazil in November with prominence for films and series from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic and Disney itself. The company confirms to the Tecnoblog which will also have content from Fox in the catalog; however, it will only be episodes of the cartoon The Simpsons – and don’t expect to see all seasons here.

The Simpsons (Image: Reproduction / Disney +)

The Simpsons (Image: Reproduction / Disney +)

Episodes of The Simpsons will be on Disney +

“We will have some episodes of The Simpsons here in Brazil ”, explains Disney’s adviser to Tecnoblog. “For now, only The Simpsons; there is no forecast to have other Fox content. ” We asked what seasons will be available, and if there will be an original audio option in English, but we didn’t get an answer.

In the USA, the streaming service offers the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons; there are 662 episodes in total. The 31st season will enter the American catalog in November 2020; the 32nd season is being broadcast on TV and will reach episode number 700.

Disney was criticized for initially showing The Simpsons only in a remastered version with a 16: 9 aspect ratio, cutting parts of the image and damaging several visual jokes. A few months later, the company included in the catalog the 428 first episodes in the original 4: 3 format.

The Disney + advertising campaign in the U.S. used the Simpsons a lot before launch, like the video above. The official YouTube channel even brought together the main references to Disney, Marvel and Star Wars in the cartoon.

In Brazil and the rest of Latin America, this is not what happened, and now the reason is clearer: we will not have all episodes, only “some”. The company did not elaborate on whether it will offer content from the old (my favorite) or more recent seasons.

It is also curious that no other series and no Fox films are in the Brazilian Disney + catalog. In other Latin American countries, it will be different: “the platform will feature some Fox series and films, as well as some episodes of The Simpsons“, The company told the Chilean newspaper in August La Tercera.

Disney + price can be R $ 28.99 monthly

Disney announced the purchase of Fox in 2017; the $ 71 billion transaction was only completed two years later, months before the launch of Disney +. The acquisition included 20th Century Fox studios; television producer 20th Century Fox Television; the Fox, National Geographic and FX subscription channels; among others. In addition, she started to control the streaming service Hulu.

Disney + will be launched in Brazil on November 17; rumors say it will cost $ 28.99 a month. The service will compete directly with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Globoplay.

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