Disney + will have up to six months free for those who use Mercado Livre | Internet

Users Free market and Paid Market receive free months of Disney + by subscribing to the streaming service for one year starting on November 17th. The benefit varies according to the customer’s level at Mercado Pontos; payment can be made by card, boleto or balance in the digital wallet.

Free and Paid Market will give free months at Disney + (Image: Reproduction / ML)

Free and Paid Market will give free months at Disney + (Image: Reproduction / ML)

The Mercado Pontos loyalty program was launched some years ago, initially offering free shipping for Mercado Livre products. This has expanded over the years, as Mercado Pago has ceased to be just a form of payment and has become a digital wallet.

Mercado Livre users have free months of Disney +

You accumulate points by making payments via Mercado Pago, buying new products in ML or fulfilling goals. Everyone starts at level 1, meaning that any user can receive two free months of Disney + if they subscribe for twelve months, paying 10x of R $ 27.90.

Anyone at levels 4 and 5 will get four free months of Disney +, meaning they will need to pay eight installments when signing up for one year. And those who reached level 6 will have six months in the range, having to pay only the remaining six installments.

Free Market / Paid Market Level Free months at Disney + Minimum number of points
Level 1 2 months
Level 2 2 months 100 points
Level 3 2 months 300 points
Level 4 Four months 1,000 points
Level 5 Four months 2,500 points
Level 6 6 months 4,500 points

The user must log in to Mercado Livre or Mercado Pago, buy the subscription with the promotion and visit the Disney + website to create their account and activate the monthly plan. This will only be available from November 17, the date when the streaming service will debut in Brazil.

In a statement, ML warns that “these promotions are not cumulative with others in force at the time of pre-sale”. In other words, the free months offered by Mercado Pontos are not available for those who purchase a year of Disney + by paying a single installment of R $ 237.90; this value will be available until the next 16th.

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