Disney + will allow sharing passwords for now | Internet

Disney + was launched on Tuesday (12) and, despite the short time of existence, already needs to deal with the sharing of passwords, something done by many to save on subscriptions. At least for now, the platform will not place as many restrictions on this practice.

Disney +

Aimed at the whole family, Disney + supports the creation of up to seven profiles in a single plan, with up to four simultaneous streams. Many families will not use the full limit and may end up sharing their password with friends, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for Disney.

“Password sharing is definitely something we think about,” said Disney Streaming Services President Michael Paull, according to the The Verge. The executive believes that users will recognize what they receive with the subscription and use the service in a balanced way.

“We believe that consumers will see this value and will act accordingly,” he continued. “They are going to use these accounts for their families and homes. That said, we recognize that password sharing exists and will continue to exist ”.

Despite being tolerant of the practice of splitting accounts, Disney + already has ways of preventing it from becoming an obstacle to its growth. The idea is to understand the behavior of users and, if necessary, implement ways to curb action.

Disney + costs $ 6.99 a month or $ 69.90 a year in the United States. It offers a catalog with 600 titles, including 16 Marvel films and Episodes I through VII of Star Wars. The service should arrive in Brazil only in November 2020.

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