Disney + should arrive for R $ 28.99 monthly with pre-sale in October | Internet

The launch of the Disney + in Brazil, to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, is already officially confirmed for November. Now, we have another source reaffirming the price of the streaming service – R $ 28.99 per month – and bringing a novelty: it will be possible to purchase your subscription in pre-sale starting in October.

Disney +

According to TV News, Disney + will cost R $ 29 per month or R $ 290 in the annual package. In August, the streaming service’s Android application had already revealed the prices of R $ 28.99 and R $ 289.99 (without rounding); they appeared to users in the U.S. who were trying to create an account with data from Brazil.

In addition, subscriptions would begin selling here on October 17, a month before the launch itself. A pre-sale of service may seem strange, but it is something that has already worked.

Last year, Disney + went on pre-order in the U.S. without any additional benefits: there was no discount on the price or additional content in the catalog. Even so, almost 2 million people registered before the debut, according to an estimate by the consulting firm Jumpshot.

Disney + has 60 million subscribers

The day after the launch, in November 2019, there were more than 10 million users in three countries (USA, Canada and the Netherlands), including those in the seven-day free trial. And by August 2020, Disney + had already exceeded 60 million subscribers – the company planned to achieve that goal in 2024 alone.

The Disney, Marvel and Pixar films that were on Netflix started to leave the platform in Brazil. The same will happen in October with securities currently in the Prime Video, like Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame and the live action of The Lion King. All of them will go to Disney +, which will also feature exclusive series like The Mandalorian; the second season opens next month.

The Disney + app had indicated that the new movie Mulan, live-action based on the 1998 cartoon, would cost R $ 112.90 in Brazil and would require a subscription. It remains to be seen whether this will really happen; this title will be released to all subscribers in December.

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