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O Disney + exceeded 10 million registered users on its first day of operation in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands. This does not mean that everyone is paying for the streaming service: Disney offers seven free days, and has a partnership to give one year free to customers of the American operator Verizon.

Disney + on tablet

Still, this is a surprising number: analysts projected that Disney + would have between 10 million and 18 million subscribers in the first year. The service has already reached that number of users in just 24 hours, which may have been responsible for the technical problems in streaming.

Sources tell the The Verge what The Mandalorian, a series in the Star Wars universe, had over 2 million broadcasts on the first day. And, according to Apptopia, the Disney + app for iOS and Android has been downloaded more than 3.2 million times.

Disney + will be free for one year for Verizon customers

In the USA, Disney + had a pre-sale that guaranteed a 3-year subscription for $ 170, a 40% discount; this amounts to less than $ 5 a month. In addition, operator Verizon offers twelve months free of charge to subscribers of the Unlimited mobile or residential broadband plans FiOS Home and 5G Home.

Disney, of course, does not reveal how many of the 10 million users are taking advantage of these offers. After the free trial, users will have to pay $ 6.99 a month or $ 69.99 a year – if they don’t decide to cancel.

The real performance of Disney + will be more evident in early 2020, when the company’s financial data are released. She says that “there are no plans to release data on Disney + subscribers outside of the Walt Disney Company’s quarterly conferences.”

Netflix has more than 60 million subscribers in the U.S., and 157 million members worldwide. Hulu, another service that is also part of Disney, has 28 million customers.

Amazon does not reveal how many people use the Prime Video, embedded in the signature Amazon Prime, but documents obtained by Reuters show that the service had 26 million customers in 2018 in the U.S.

With information: Engadget.

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