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With an antitrust investigation underway due to practices adopted at its app store, Apple has sought to show some positive points. In a new page with “principles and practices” from the App Store, the company points out favorable data for the platform.

Apple points out that since its launch, the App Store has brought $ 120 billion to developers and helped create more than 1.5 million jobs in the United States alone. The company also says that it does not harm competition between apps, the main point of the investigation.

Apple defends App Store amid antitrust investigation

To support the argument, the page presents alternatives to native iOS apps. The map service, for example, competes with apps like Google Maps, Waze and Citymapper. Messages has competition from Messenger, Slack, Snapchat, Viber, among others.

The company also claims that developers can choose where to distribute their apps, “from other app stores for smart TVs and game consoles.” Apple seems to admit, then, that leaving the App Store is not such a simple decision.

“Even though other stores have more users and more downloads of apps, the App Store gives more money to developers,” he says. The company indicates that this is possible thanks to the trust of users, which allows it to offer “a fair and competitive store for the distribution of applications”.

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Apple created the App Store page days after the US Supreme Court allowed the company to be sued over store practices. As a result, the action of a group of users questioning the fee charged on the platform continued in progress.

They claim they are hurt by the 30% that Apple charges developers. For users, the expenses are higher because those responsible for the applications are obliged to pass on the fee to those who buy them.

The criticism is also made by other companies. Spotify, for example, even filed a complaint against Apple for understanding that the App Store commission causes an artificial increase in prices and makes it difficult to compete with Apple Music.

With information: Apple, The Verge.

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