Data from 92 million Brazilians are auctioned on the internet – Security

An auction published in restricted forums on the internet promises to release information such as name, date of birth and CPF of a good part of the Brazilian population. The author of the ad guarantees to have data from 92 million people in the country.

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The information was published on Twitter by Breach Radar and confirmed in Bleeping Computer. According to them, the person responsible for the auction asks for US $ 15 thousand in the initial bid and an increase of, at least, US $ 1,000 for each extra bid.

The advertiser, registered in the forums as X4Crow, says that the list is separated by states and also includes data from companies, such as CNPJ. The information was posted on restricted websites, which require an invitation from another member or the payment of a fee.

According to the author of the announcement, the SQL database is 16 GB. O BleepingComputer claims to have received a sample of the material and was able to confirm its veracity. The record analyzed by the report still indicates the person’s gender and mother’s name.

In the forums, the user also offers a search service focused on Brazilian citizens. He claims to be able to provide details such as RG and CNH. In some cases, it would also be possible to reveal data such as phone, cell phone, addresses, e-mails, profession, academic level, relatives and license plates.

Still according to the BleepingComputer, individual searches for Brazilian data appear to depend on other data sets. It is not clear what the exact source of the information is, but the website says it was obtained from an undisclosed government agency system.

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