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One of the novelties in iOS 14 that Apple not announced is the possibility to change the icons of the iPhone home screen through the Shortcuts app. This led several users to customize the homescreen with a different visual identity than what we usually find on the iPhone. A designer and developer earned more than $ 14,000 from it.

James Traf icons on iOS 14

James Traf created a set of minimalist icons to use on the iPhone itself, and shared his home screen on social media. After noticing that many people were interested in doing the same, he prepared icons for almost 80 applications and sold for $ 28.

Within hours, he made $ 5,264. Until 6 pm on Tuesday (22), it was US $ 14,232 in total. The images are in PNG format, are 1024 x 1024 pixels and have styles for light and dark mode; future updates will have no additional cost.

The set has icons for Apple’s native apps and third-party apps like Instagram, Facebook, Google Chrome, YouTube, Netflix and Telegram. Traf promises to expand this to include WhatsApp, Pinterest, among others.

Pinterest breaks record with iOS 14

Speaking of Pinterest, the app broke a daily record of downloads because of iOS 14: users are looking for wallpapers and icons to modify the iPhone interface. There were 616,000 new installations worldwide on September 21, according to consultancy Apptopia.

IOS has never had this level of customization, and users are excited to change the look of the system – just as it has been possible on Android for many, many years.

On iOS 14, this is still a workaround. You need to create a shortcut to open an app and select an icon that may be different from what the developer created for it. It is also possible to choose a different name; in addition, you can hide the original icon. Here are some examples:

IOS 14 home screen

IOS 14 home screen

IOS 14 home screen

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