Cryptocurrency program Libra pays up to $ 10,000 per bug

THE Libra Association had promised to launch a rewards program to identify bugs in the Libra ecosystem and did so: this Tuesday (27), the Libra Bug Bountyopened the door for all interested developers. Those who find fault will be paid up to $ 10,000 (per bug).

No, the cryptocurrency has not yet been launched (this should only happen in 2020). However, the Libra Association is already working on initial implementations of the Pound Blockchain It’s from Pound Core – both available via Apache 2.0 license – for testing and improvement purposes.

Libra, Facebook's cryptocurrency

In fact, the project has had a bug rewards program since its official announcement in June. However, the program was limited to a group of 50 security experts with experience in blockchain.

This preliminary version of the program served as the basis for Libra Bug Bounty to become an initiative open to anyone interested. The Libra Association expects the program to attract developers and security experts from all over the world.

There are four reward ranges for identified failures: $ 500 (low severity), $ 1,500 (average), $ 5,000 (high) and $ 10,000 (critical).

At the critical severity level there are flaws that allow the digital signature validation to be circumvented or that alter the execution of an intelligent contract at the virtual machine level.

Libra Bug Bounty was hosted on HackerOne, a platform specialized in vulnerability identification. The link for registration and additional information is

Tecnocast 121 – Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency

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The Libra Association’s goal is to launch a digital currency based on blockchain, but without the volatility of bitcoin. If the project succeeds and the currency is adopted en masse, the Libra Association would become a kind of global central bank, controlled by several private companies and NGOs.

The idea is a little scary, but we explain everything in this episode of Tecnocast. Play and come with us!

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