Correios increase prices of Sedex and PAC by 6.34% – Brazil

The post offices made a readjustment in the prices of Sedex and PAC: parcel services now cost 6.34% more expensive, on average, for posts made by individuals. The new tariffs have been in effect since Monday (14), and correspond to more than triple the inflation accumulated in the period. The state-owned company says the increase, a month before Black Friday, is not related to its privatization process.

Post and Sedex

The 6.34% readjustment applies to Sedex Hoje, Sedex 10, Sedex 12 and PAC services provided to individuals. It does not apply to customers who already have a prior contract with the state-owned company.

The company does not inform the average readjustment for each type of freight due to “commercial secrecy”. She explains only that this index “is a national average, which varies according to the type of post, origin and destination”.

Post adjustment is three times inflation in the period

In early March, the price of Sedex and PAC had already increased. From March to September, the accumulated IPCA (National Consumer Price Index) was 1.73%. In other words, the adjustment of the postal service was more than three times the inflation in this period.

According to the Correios, the new prices aim at a “readjustment of the impact of costs in the provision of services”, given that it is a “competitive market”. The state company does not have a monopoly in the delivery of goods, only letters.

Freight services became more expensive just before Black Friday, in November, when there is usually an increase in the sale of products over the internet.

The Post Office has, since August, been on the list of state-owned companies that will be privatized by the government. The company was included in the PPI (Investment Partnership Program) to carry out the necessary studies. She says that the readjustment in prices “is not related to inclusion in the National Privatization Program (PND)”.

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