Correios: four projects in the Chamber want to block privatization | Legislation

Initiatives to direct the privatization of the Post are being questioned in the National Congress. The federal deputy and former Minister of Communications, André Figueiredo (PDT-CE), filed four Legislative Decree Projects (PDL) to cancel the validity of measures that may lead to the sale of the state-owned company.

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At the PDL 422/2020, the parliamentarian proposes the cancellation of the contract that provides for studies on the privatization of the Post Office. The agreement, in the amount of R $ 7.8 million, was signed between BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) and the Post Consortium, formed by the consulting firm Accenture and the law firm Machado Meyer.

Figueiredo argues that the privatization process depends on an amendment to the Constitution, which would require analysis by the Chamber and the Senate. The deputy also stated that the Federal Supreme Court has already decided that the postal service is carried out by the Union “under an exclusive privilege regime”, better known as a monopoly.

“For these reasons, and considering, still, the need to safeguard the authority of the Legislative Power, considering that the place of discussion about the privatization of the postal service is the National Congress, it seems a long time, if urgent, the discussion of legislative proposal that is submitted for consideration, to which support and approval is expected ”, he concluded.

Post rules are also questioned

The deputy also presented the PDL 424/2020, which proposes the cancellation of the Council’s resolution of the Investment Partnerships Program that allows the contracting of studies on privatization of the postal sector. It was with this authorization that BNDES signed the contract with the Post Consortium.

O PDL 425/2020in turn, the decree that included the post office in the list of state-owned companies that can be privatized is abolished. In justification, Figueiredo affirms that the presidential decree was used inappropriately as the basis of the BNDES contract and cites once again the need for evaluation by Congress. The parliamentarian classified the decree as a “true instrument of fraud.

The PDL 426/2020 proposes the cancellation of a decree that details the process of privatization of state-owned companies. For the deputy, the document published in 2018 represents an abuse of power because it is based on legislation that “does not support the issuance of regulatory decree”.

To be approved, projects must have a simple majority vote in the House and Senate. As the proposals alter measures of bodies linked to the Executive Branch, there is no need for sanction from the President of the Republic.

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