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The post offices updated the Android app with the option to pay taxes and import services by cell phone, including the $ 15 fee for international orders. The state company also takes the opportunity to defend the collection of postal orders, something that has been questioned in court.

Correios - object taxed by the Federal Revenue Service

Until then, the postal dispatch fee could only be paid through the Correios website. You need to create a register at idCorreios, log in and visit the My Imports area to see if there are any items marked as “Waiting for payment”.

It is now possible to do this through the Correios app for Android, available on Google Play through this link. When visiting the section Tracking, you’ll see if any orders have the notice “Awaiting payment for postal order”. So, it will be possible to resolve this pending issue credit card or bank slip, within thirty days after customs clearance.

The company says it is anticipating important dates for e-commerce, such as Black Friday, Single Day (in November) and Christmas. It promises that the functionality will soon arrive on the iPhone and iPad (iOS). In addition, there are plans to integrate the challenge of the amount of taxes charged; for now, this can only be done on the website, before the issuance of the boleto or payment by card.

Post Office App

Correios defend postal dispatch fee

In a statement, the Post Office explains that the postal dispatch service includes the presentation of the order to the Customs of the Federal Revenue, X-ray inspection, storage, collection and transfer of taxes (when applicable).

The state-owned company claims that the value of R $ 15 is “on average four times less than that practiced by other companies to perform the same services”. If payment is not made, the order may return to the sender or be seized by the IRS.

Since 2018, TRF4 (Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region) has been judging a case to decide whether the postal fee for postal services is permitted by law, or whether it is abusive. This will be deliberated in a virtual session during this month of October.

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