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If you still use Classic Hangouts, good news: the Google postponed the end of the service until after June 2020; it will remain available even to customers of the G Suite, who will have more time to migrate their employees to Hangouts Chat. However, the company still wants to shut down the former courier’s activities.

Google Hangouts on PC

Initially, Google planned to bring classic Hangouts features to Hangouts Chat by September, to end Classic Hangouts in G Suite from October. However, the company revised the schedule: “we are officially postponing the final transition date … until June 2020”.

Google claims that G Suite customers asked for an extension of the term, because they need more time to migrate their employees from classic Hangouts to Hangouts Chat – a product similar to Slack and Microsoft Teams.

So now the schedule is this:

  • end of 2019 until the first half of 2020: G Suite customers can sign up for the Accelerated Transition Program to start migrating their domain to Hangouts Chat;
  • first half of 2020: any G Suite customer can migrate to Hangouts Chat and disable classic Hangouts;
  • second half of 2020: all G Suite customers using classic Hangouts will be migrated to Hangouts Chat.

Classic Google Hangouts to remain active for consumers

Google explains in a help article that even in the second half of 2020, “no changes will be made to the consumer version of the classic Hangouts; we continue to support service consumers ”.

That is, if you use Hangouts on Gmail, iPhone or Android, the service will continue to work for the next year. Of course, Google’s intention is to end this messenger at some point by migrating users to Hangouts Chat and Meet.

Still, Google will have five different messaging apps: in addition to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, there is Duo for video calls, Messages for SMS and RCS, and Google Voice.

With information: Google.

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