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THE clear it has reshaped its portfolio of postpaid plans once again, and the changes make its packages more similar to those of the competition. Claro Pós can be a good cost-benefit for those who use a lot of mobile internet: it has a different franchise for Netflix and YouTube, and access to WhatsApp and social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) does not discount the franchise.

Claro should pay R 2 million fine for abusive

See the options:

  • 7 GB + 1 GB bonus: R $ 109.99
  • 10 GB + 2 GB bonus: R $ 129.90
  • 15 GB: + 3 GB bonus: R $ 169.99
  • 30 GB: + 4 GB bonus: R $ 249.90
  • 60 GB + 5 GB bonus: R $ 389.90

In place of the extinct Nights in Claro, the plans have an extra internet franchise with the same amount of data to use with Netflix, YouTube, NET Now and Claro Video. That is, the 7 GB plan offers an additional 7 GB for streaming video; the 10 GB plan has an additional 10 GB for these services only; and so it goes.

In the promotional materials, Claro points out that the bonus is valid for portability, but informs at the bottom that the offer will be extended to base customers if requested, in compliance with resolution 632/2014 that requires operators to offer the same offers to old customers.

Another novelty is that WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Waze, Cabify, Easy Taxi and Claro Music have cleared traffic and do not discount the customer’s deductible. All plans have unlimited calls to any operator in Brazil and SMS at will, in addition to the subscription to Claro Vídeo, Claro Música, Claro Banca, Claro Games, Claro Notícias and Claro Idiomas by Busuu.

The plans are more advantageous for those who do combo with NET, since the internet franchise is doubled, as well as the speed of fixed broadband. According to Claro, the values ​​of the plans mentioned above are valid for automatic debit – if the customer chooses the boleto, it is necessary to pay another R $ 10.

Those who hire a plan starting at 15 GB also have the Americas Passport included, which allows them to use the plan in 18 countries in the Americas without paying for international roaming. In the plans of 30 GB onwards, the benefit extends to 48 countries in Europe.

It’s possible include dependents to share the plan, at a cost of R $ 39.99 per month. Up to 5 dependents are allowed on the 60 GB plan, 4 dependents on the 30 GB plan, 3 dependents on the 15 GB plan, 2 dependents on the 10 GB plan and one dependent on the 7 GB plan. It is important to note that the Americas and / or Europe Passport included in the plans are restricted to the holder’s line only, but can be contracted separately.

In a statement to the Tecnoblog, Netflix says that the subscription to the service is not included in the operator’s plan, and that there is no exclusive contract, so other streaming platforms may emerge over time.

In my opinion, Claro’s biggest differential is to include international roaming in some plans. In an interview with Telesynthesis, the company’s marketing director says that including the Americas and Europe Passport was a wise strategy to attract new post customers.


With the new portfolio, Claro fights head-on with TIM: the competitor has a plan with 7 GB of internet, unlimited social networks and another 7 GB for videos for R $ 119.99 per month, which gives a difference of R $ 10. The same goes for the 10 GB and 15 GB plans, which also costs R $ 10 more in the Italian operator. TIM takes advantage of the 50 GB plan, which has the same price as Claro’s 30 GB plan.

Vivo is the operator with the lowest prices: the postpaid entry plan has 8 GB of internet and costs R $ 119.99. The 10 GB plan, with another 10 GB to use for streaming video and music, costs R $ 169.99. For the same amount, Claro delivers 15 GB and the possibility to use the service in countries in the Americas.

Oi is the company that has the most aggressive values: for R $ 99.90 the operator delivers 15 GB for the customer to use as they wish. The most expensive plan, with 50 GB of internet, costs R $ 249.90.

All figures are for São Paulo (DDD 11) and may vary according to location.

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