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Of course, Oi, TIM, Vivo, Nextel and Algar will be required by Anatel to inform the 2G, 3G and 4G coverage conditions to customers before any sale. The idea is to prevent more people from being frustrated when purchasing a new line and being left out of service at home or at work, as not all places have cellular signal from the operators.

Claro Oi TIM and Vivo should inform cell coverage for

The obligation applies both to the activation of postpaid and prepaid lines. Customers should be informed about coverage in any sales channel, be it telephone service, physical stores, virtual stores, applications, portability, among others.

Operators must inform the area of ​​coverage by technology (2G, 3G or 4G) to ensure that a consumer purchases a smartphone or plan and is able to be served in the manner intended, without having problems with coverage or inferior technology available in the areas of interest .

Anatel will have campaign for consumers in 2020

This measure was suggested by the operators themselves after inspection by Anatel. The agency identified that consumers receive information about coverage, but not in all audited sales channels or with the expected quality. Companies that fail to comply with this determination may face sanctions.

In early 2020, Anatel will direct actions to educate consumers about their rights to receive adequate information about the cell phone coverage area prior to purchase.

Currently, companies are already required to provide a technology coverage map, which you can check at the links below:

With information: Anatel.

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