Claro, Oi, Sky, TIM and Vivo adopt code of conduct to reduce telemarketing | Telecommunications

Telemarketing calls with product sales are increasingly frequent (and irritating) – and about a third of them come from telecom operators. The companies have committed themselves to combat abusive connections and since Wednesday (25) they are following a new code of conduct.

Photo by Leopoldo Silva / Agência Senado

A meeting between representatives of Anatel, Sinditelebrasil and the operators Algar, Claro / NET, Nextel, Oi, Sercomtel, Sky, TIM and Live marked the adoption of the Telemarketing Code of Conduct on September 25, 2019. These are some of the rules:

  • Call consumers only from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays;
  • Respect consumers’ desire not to receive calls or to discontinue the call;
  • Receive and handle complaints about unwanted calls;
  • Do not insistently call consumers – limit of two calls per day and 15 calls per month;
  • Clearly identify the service provider in telemarketing calls;
  • Present offers clearly, correctly and completely;
  • Do not make offers under the guise of research or sweepstakes;
  • Direct the calls answered by children and teenagers to an adult or release the line immediately;
  • Do not make calls through robots just to check the consumer’s availability to answer;
  • Do not end the calls abruptly without identifying the provider;
  • Ensure adherence to the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD);
  • Cooperate in improving telemarketing practices in other sectors.

The items add up to Do Not Disturb Me, which allows users to block calls from operators with service offers. In the first week of the platform alone, almost 1.5 million people registered on the block list.

A study by Truecaller reveals that each Brazilian receives, on average, 37.5 spam calls per month. In addition to telephone operators, billing and financial services companies are on the most frequent types of unwanted calls. In some Brazilian states, telemarketing block registrations are already available, which serve both telephone operators and other companies.

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