Claro NXT is Nextel’s new brand after acquisition | Telecommunications

THE Nextel was purchased by Claro in 2019, but only now we are seeing signs of integration: the Nextel brand ceases to exist and becomes NXT course. The change is already noticed on the operator’s website and also in the Meu Nextel client area, which has changed to Minha Claro NXT.

Claro NXT is Nextels new brand after acquisition Telecommunications

The name change is justified on the company’s website: “This is to show that Nextel and Claro are increasingly together, becoming a single brand”. The operation of the two companies still has divergences: Nextel’s customer service continues to be provided by the number 1050, and the old plans continue with internet without block after the end of the franchise.

With the acquisition, Nextel customers started using the Claro network, which has a national reach. Previously, access outside its own coverage in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro was possible thanks to an agreement with Vivo, but the internet franchise was limited during roaming.

Claro interrupts sales of Nextel plans

Claro also stopped joining Nextel’s old plans, and started to indicate Claro Controle plans. The change is important because the old packages had internet without blocking, with speed reduction after the end of the data package. In the Nextel Happy prepaid, the company directs customers to Claro Flex.

Nextel users who want to migrate to a Claro plan will need to face the number portability process, since the customer base has not yet been unified. The operator clarifies that “at this moment, nothing is going to change” and will notify customers when there is news.

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