Claro launches RCS messages with Google platform – Telecommunications

THE sure started making technology available RCSRich Communication Service – for your customers in Brazil: the feature is considered the evolution of SMS and brings improvements for sending messages with images, audio and video. In Brazil, the technology is already adopted by Oi and Vivo.

Messages via RCS

In addition to sending files, the technology allows you to create groups, obtain reading receipts and know when the other party is typing the answer. Claro says that the RCS will be released to customers over the next few days.

Unlike traditional SMS, RCS depends on an internet connection to function. And just like WhatsApp or other messaging apps, it is possible to use a Wi-Fi network to communicate, without depending on the operator’s signal.

Claro adopted the Google platform, which has interoperability with other companies that use the same system. The operator did not say, however, if it will charge for the use of the service or if data traffic will be deducted from the plan – the competition does not charge any fees.

To use RCS it is necessary to have an Android smartphone with the Google Messages app as standard. The app comes pre-installed on smartphones from some manufacturers, such as Motorola, but for those who use Samsung and other brands, just download it on Play Store. Apple does not support iOS, which uses iMessage.

RCS should attract companies

The traditional SMS “torpedoes” lost relevance due to the high adoption of messaging applications. The Brazilian is already used to WhatsApp, which is multiplatform (there is no RCS on the iPhone), and most of the current plans of the operators do not discount their use in the data franchise.

It is very likely that your SMS box is full of verification codes and advertising messages, and that is where the technology can be useful, since RCS allows for more dynamic messages. Stores can send images of offers and products, companies can integrate their chatbots and attendance systems, and airlines can send the boarding pass with the bar code directly to the customer.

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