Claro launches new app to manage mobile line on iPhone and Android | Telecommunications

Without any fanfare, Claro launched a new version of the mobile line management application, the New My Mobile course. The app received a completely different design from the old version: it stops being a web-based version and becomes native, with greater speed and fluidity.

Claro launches new app to manage mobile line on iPhone

The animations are well done, especially when you switch between information about the traditional internet package and about the dedicated franchise for videos. In addition, an accountant estimates whether your data package can last until renewal. Login is automatic if access is made on the Claro network – that is, using cellular data and outside any Wi-Fi network.

It is interesting that the application shows all the items available in the plan: which social networks have unlimited traffic, which services can use the video franchise, and which digital subscriptions are included.

However, some functions are redirected to the website, such as consultation of protocols and activation of services. It would be nice if the app would bring these functions in the future, along with other features like plan change, coverage map and service.

The application can be downloaded at iOS and Android in their respective stores. According to the description, Novo Minha Claro Móvel is initially available only to customers of post-paid and control plans; users of prepaid, Claro Flex or corporate plans are excluded. Therefore, there would be no way to replace the traditional Minha Claro with the new version – most of the customers would be without the service.

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