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THE Ookla, responsible for the Speedtest measurement tool, released its connection speed report in Brazil on Tuesday (24) in the first half of 2019. sure won the title of fastest operator in both fixed broadband and mobile internet.

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Mobile Internet

The average download speed in Brazil is 21.55 Mb / s, while the average upload is 8.75 Mb / s. The results of TIM, Oi and Nextel were below average, but TIM and Nextel had the best latencies. See the complete data:

Operator Download speed Upload speed Latency (the lower the better)
sure 31.77 Mb / s 10.75 Mb / s 56 ms
Live 23.41 Mb / s 9.08 Mb / s 63 ms
TIM 15.09 Mb / s 7.98 Mb / s 43 ms
Hi 14.02 Mb / s 6.5 Mb / s 71 ms
Nextel 8.62 Mb / s 5.58 Mb / s 47 ms
National average 21.55 Mb / s 8.75 Mb / s 56 ms

The data were obtained from 4.1 million measurements, of which 280.2 thousand are from Claro, 381.8 thousand from Vivo, 292.6 thousand from TIM, 120.8 thousand from Oi and 49.6 thousand from Nextel. The tests came from 1.05 million unique devices, and the most popular is the iPhone 7, with 53.2 thousand units, followed by Galaxy J7 Prime with 32.1 thousand, iPhone 6s with 32.05 thousand, iPhone X with 31.8 thousand and Galaxy J5 Prime with 25.9 thousand.

The study also brought isolated download and upload data to the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. In all three, the ranking was similar to the national ranking. Claro reported that it was the leader in the average download speed in 26 of the 27 federative units.

Sao Paulo:

Operator Download speed Upload speed
sure 32.56 Mb / s 10.71 Mb / s
Live 23.49 Mb / s 10.03 Mb / s
TIM 20.89 Mb / s 9.34 Mb / s
Hi 15.92 Mb / s 10.75 Mb / s
Nextel 9.82 Mb / s 7.61 Mb / s

Rio de Janeiro:

Operator Download speed Upload speed
sure 35.03 Mb / s 11.40 Mb / s
Live 26.78 Mb / s 11.47 Mb / s
TIM 19.89 Mb / s 11.09 Mb / s
Hi 16.73 Mb / s 6.35 Mb / s
Nextel 8.64 Mb / s 5.67 Mb / s

Belo Horizonte:

Operator Download speed Upload speed
sure 48.18 Mb / s 15.92 Mb / s
Live 26.53 Mb / s 10.23 Mb / s
TIM 14.77 Mb / s 7.36 Mb / s
Hi 12.83 Mb / s 6.71 Mb / s

Course also has better speed in broadband

The report points out that the average download speed of fixed broadband in Brazil is 33.58 Mb / s, and Claro once again stood out with a national average of 49.49 Mb / s. More than 63 million tests were carried out by 9.01 million users, with measurements made on both cable and Wi-Fi connections.

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The study published by Ookla does not present the detailed average speed of other operators, only the maximum achieved. In the material released to the press, Claro states that the operator with 2nd place had an average of 45.5 Mb / s, while the third place is positioned with 42.55 Mb / s. These places are occupied by TIM Live or Vivo, which presented very similar maxims in the Ookla document.

Despite this, Claro loses a lot when it comes to upload speed. The operator reached a maximum of 11.75 Mb / s, a far cry from TIM Live’s 61.38 Mb / s and Vivo’s 70.7 Mb / s. TIM Live also has an advantage in medium latency, with 19 ms, against Claro’s 24 ms.

Recently, a study released by nPerf pointed out that Vivo stood out as a fixed broadband operator. The download and latency difference was low, but Claro also lost in the upload.

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