Claro Gaming is a broadband package dedicated to e-sports fans | Telecommunications

Claro presented a new fixed and mobile internet service aimed at games. Named Claro Gaming, it works as an additional service with features and benefits for e-sports fans for an extra subscription of R $ 40 for those who are already customers of the company.


New customers can subscribe to the Claro Gaming 120 Mbps package for as little as R $ 160 in the first three months (the amount rises to R $ 180 after that period). Another option is the 240 Mbps package, for R $ 190 in the first three months (R $ 220 after this period).

According to the operator, Claro Gaming has characteristics that meet the demands of the gamer audience. The service has, for example, a solution that reduces latency during games, which helps to improve performance.

The company also offers Ponto Ultra, an additional service for those who need to install more internet points via cable indoors. There is also the Wi-Fi Plus 360ยบ, which offers internet points with Mesh technology and amplifies the signal.

Claro Gaming offers monthly gaming benefits, such as game skins like Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG. In addition, customers are entitled to a series of discounts when purchasing equipment from partner companies.

The package includes advantages at e-sports championships around the world. According to Claro, customers have early access to the pre-sale of some tournaments in Brazil and can participate in travel drawings for events held abroad.

For those who also use mobile internet services, Claro offers a data franchise dedicated to video applications. The goal, according to the company, is to allow access to gameplay videos on Facebook Gaming and YouTube.

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