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Little publicized, the Claro Flex received changes in its portfolio: the digital plan became competitive with TIM Beta and even with other Claro products, offering data franchises of 8 GB and 10 GB with unlimited social networks, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, subscription can only be made through some prepaid lines from the operator.


There are two options:

  • 8 GB Price: $ 39.99
  • 10 GB Price: $ 49.99

The plans include unlimited calls to any operator (including DDD), SMS at will, as well as access without deducting from the franchise to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Waze, Cabify and Easy Taxi. There is no minimum fidelity, so you can cancel at any time without paying a termination penalty.

These are very competitive values: Claro’s simplest control plan costs R $ 49.99 per month with only 3 GB of internet and without social networks exempt from franchise. Claro Controle with 5 GB and released social networks costs R $ 64.99 per month.

Compared to other operators, Claro Flex remains very aggressive. The plan that most resembles it is TIM Beta, which has 10 GB of internet and 600 minutes of calls for R $ 55, but Claro Flex has the advantage of having a lower cost and including social networks without discounting the franchise.

Claro Flex has 10 GB of internet and unlimited social

Claro Flex adherence is made in app for Android and iPhone

Hiring is done exclusively through the application available for Android and iOS, and payment for the service is made via credit card only.

Besides that, subscription can only be made through some prepaid Claro lines, which are pre-selected by the operator itself. In other words: just like TIM Beta, it is necessary to have an “invitation” to the plan.

It is worth mentioning that customers cannot send invitations, only the operator can pre-select the prepaid lines that will have access to Claro Flex. If you are already a Claro customer, you are more likely to activate the digital plan through the app.

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Updated 07/08

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