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THE sure confirmed the launch of Streaming Box, a product uniquely revealed by Tecnoblog in July. The information was revealed by the company’s CEO, José Félix, in a virtual event that debates the pay TV market. The executive stated that he intends to sell the service at a lower cost than traditional pay TV and does not rule out the possibility of subscribing to an application.

Presentation of Claro's Streaming Box

Claro should sell TV Box along the lines of pay TV

Félix did not reveal a release date or details about plans, but said he would base the operation on the traditional pay TV model as long as the SeAC Law exists. This means that Streaming Box would bear the same taxes as NET and Claro TV DTH, such as ICMS, Fust, Funttel and Condecine.

When there is regulatory security, there is a chance of launching the pure Value Added Service model. In this case, the tax would be lower and the company would only pay ISS.

According to Teletime, Félix confirmed the possibility of selling the connected set-top-box and stated that “people want the box”, because “TV is more modern” and “it is always working”. With the regulatory security possible for operation on the pure SVA model, the company could launch a version based on an application.

Claro Streaming Box for customers of other operators

On another occasion, Claro’s director of video products, Alessandro Maluf, said that he intends to take the Streaming Box to other profiles of subscribers in other markets, and does not rule out the sale to non-subscribers of the company’s broadband.

The booklets obtained by the Tecnoblog inform that the Streaming Box is compatible with any fixed internet operator, with the recommendation of a minimum speed of 10 Mb / s for a better experience. The document also states that the TV Box is provided in the model of lending, without charge to the user who must return it to the operator in case of cancellation of the subscription.

The document also clarifies that the Streaming Box cannot be hired by subscribers of the traditional TV of the Claro group, who must change the combo or make a new registration. It is also not possible to have more than one device per contract, nor to take advantage of existing subscriptions for applications other than Netflix – all contracting must be done with the operator.

Claro confirms launch of streaming service with TV

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