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The Caixa Tem application released the option to use the emergency aid of R $ 600 to make payments in physical stores via QR Code. The alternative, which helps to avoid queues for withdrawals at Caixa Econômica Federal branches, began to be accepted this Friday (29th) at Cielo and Getnet machines. The Network will support the novelty as of June 8.

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According to the vice president of retail at Caixa Econômica Federal, Celso Leonardo Barbosa, the resource should be offered by more companies. The executive stated, in an interview with Broadcast, of Estadão, that the solution can be used by all card machine systems that are communicating with the bank.

Cielo, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil state to the Tecnoblog which now supports payment via QR Code with Caixa Has 1.5 million machines in all Brazilian states. The company already accepted the Caixa Tem virtual debit card in Lio machines, but the option requires the insertion of data such as the card number, which slows down the process.

Santander´s Getnet says that practically all its machines already accept payments with emergency assistance. There are about 1.3 million devices that operate with QR Code and can be used by establishments. The company also highlights that its e-commerce solution also supports payments with emergency assistance.

Itaú’s Network, which will take longer to complete the adaptation to the Caixa Tem QR Code, said that the functionality is being made available in stages on its machines. The June 8 deadline will mark the large-scale release of the new payment option.

In addition to avoiding lines at branches, updating Caixa Tem should help reduce physical contact and, consequently, risk of contagion by the new coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. Whoever receives emergency assistance through the application, can dispense with cash or card payment to use the “pay at the machine” feature. With it, the app enables the cell phone camera to scan the QR Code and confirm the payment.

The resource will be released to more than 40 million people with the Digital Social Savings, accessed by Caixa Tem. Still at the BroadcastBarbosa said that the project is a preparation of the bank for the BR Code, a national model of the QR Code that will be launched with PIX, an instant payment system being developed by the Central Bank.

Updated at 3:40 pm on Friday (29) with information from Getnet.

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