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Google started to release today (5) version 78 of Chrome OS for Chromebooks. The changes are small and work as improvements on what already works well, but the evolution of shortcuts to virtual desktops within the operating system created by the search giant draws attention.

Chrome OS 78

Virtual desktops were introduced in Chrome OS 76, launched in August this year. In the update that arrives today some shortcuts have been inserted, such as creating a new area by pressing “Shift”, “search key” and “=” at the same time, quickly switching between the open areas by pressing “search key” and “]”, Or move windows between the work areas with” Shift “,” search key “and”]”.

In addition, if you have a Chrome OS and an Android smartphone linked to your laptop, you can send the number that appears on the screen to a mobile phone. All of this is done with the click of the right mouse button or trackpad and with Chrome data sync enabled on both sides. It is not yet possible to initiate a call through Chrome OS, but it is already an interesting advance.

chrome os 78

Finally, another novelty is the installation of printers. If Chrome OS detects a compatible printer connected, the entire installation will be done automatically and with virtually no user interference; just plug and use.

Chrome OS 78 starts shipping today and will take a few weeks to arrive on all Chromebooks.

With information: Google.

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