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Google has started releasing a new feature for anyone using Chrome on a Windows 10 computer: sending a page link to another device. The recipient can be a smartphone, tablet, computer with macOS, Windows 10 or even a Chromebook.

chrome desktop send link

Still in tests, the option to send links only requires that all gadgets are logged into the same Google account. When you are on a website, such as Tecnoblog, just right-click on any area of ​​the page to send the url of the website that is open. If you do this by clicking on a link, the address sent is from the link that was clicked, not from the open page.

On smartphones the reaction of the system is different between Android and iOS. On iPhones and iPads, a notification appears at the bottom of Chrome and requires the Chrome app to be in the foreground. On Android Chrome also needs to be open, but the notification appears on top and is larger, in addition to remaining visible within the notification area of ​​the operating system. In both cases, just tap on the alert and a new tab opens with the shared address.

Chrome send android link

On Android it looks like this

In the tests I was able to do, the process took less than two seconds between clicking to share and the notification appears on the target device.

Chrome send ios link

This is how it works on iOS

There is no information about version requirements of Chrome installed on both sides, but it is always good to keep the application in its latest version – which happens automatically on computers, but it can be a manual process on the iPhone, iPad and also on Android.

With information: Neowin.

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