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O MicrosoftEdge is closer to the final version: the Chromium-based browser has gained a version beta for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Windows 7 and macOS. You can enable crawl blocking, install Google Chrome extensions, use Internet Explorer mode, and customize the new tab with wallpapers and a news feed.

Microsoft Edge

It was already possible to install Microsoft Edge on the Canary and Dev channels. This Tuesday (20), the browser won the new more stable Beta channel, with features that passed quality tests.

Edge is available in 14 languages, including Brazilian Portuguese. The new tab has the “In focus” modes, which only show the search bar and the fixed sites; “Inspiring”, with Bing’s image of the day in the background; and “Informativo”, with emphasis on the Microsoft News feed.

The user can install Google Chrome add-ons by going to Extensions and activating the option “Allow extensions from other stores”; you can also install them from the Microsoft Edge Insider Addons page.

You can activate the dark theme by going to Settings> Appearance> Theme and choosing the option Dark; this works on any version of Windows and macOS. Chrome also has a night mode, but it is linked to the system: that is, you have to use dark mode on Windows 10 or macOS to activate it.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has tracker lock and IE mode

Edge brings a feature called Tracking Prevention for greater privacy when browsing the web. It blocks trackers, not advertisements. You can configure it at three levels:

  • basic: blocks only malicious trackers, which collect your data and send it to sites you have not visited;
  • balanced: blocks malicious trackers and some third party trackers;
  • strict: blocks almost all third party crawlers, and can break some sites.

It is necessary to go to edge: // flags # edge-tracking-prevention to enable Tracking Prevention. After reopening the browser, go to Settings> Privacy and services to use it. This is not an ad blocker, just a tracker, but Microsoft offers ad blockers in its extension store.

Microsoft Edge

There is also the Internet Explorer mode, aimed at companies. According to Microsoft, more than 60% of organizations worldwide still need to switch between IE and a modern browser. Edge tries to simplify this work, loading specific pages with the IE 11 engine.

The new Edge has been downloaded more than a million times and has received 140,000 feedback comments. Microsoft has already offered more than 1,000 contributions (commits) to Chromium, an open source project. Besides that, she removed several Google frameworks to, in some cases, place your own; the list below gathers the main items present in Chrome and missing in Edge.

Missing features in Microsoft Edge

With information: Microsoft.

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