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If 2020 is already bad for practically anyone, in the cell phone market the scenario is also not positive and the recovery may not even happen next year. With global sales expected to fall by almost 10% this year, the numbers may grow again only in 2022.

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The forecast comes from IDC, which released details about the second quarter of this year and the expectation is for a 9.5% retraction in all cell phone sales around the world for the year, when compared to what happened in 2019. research carried out by the company says that 2021 will be a year of work and the fruits of new growth will only happen sometime in the following year – which is when sales at pre-pandemic levels will reappear.

With little demand, 5G cell phone market will grow

5G is still a distant future for many people, but consultancy analysts believe it will be even more present in the 2022 launches. “While many of the major manufacturers have reduced their 2020 production plans to align with the market decline, most of the cuts focused on 4G device portfolios, ”says Ryan Reith, vice president of Worldwide Mobile Device Tracker at IDC.

The forecast conveyed by IDC itself is that the year in which 4G phones will be as present as 5G will be 2023, with the participation of the most recent technology growing year after year. This scenario will only happen if the market presents 5G smartphones with reduced cost and since the service fees are also cheaper.

Still this year, China is expected to represent 67.7% of all 5G smartphones in the world, since there intermediate models that cost less than half of the top of the line already bring this type of connection. The United States is in second place with 12.2%, followed by countries in Western Europe with 7.5%.

With information: IDC.

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