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THE Ceitec (Center for Excellence in Advanced Electronic Technology) officially entered the process of privatization: a decree by President Jair Bolsonaro qualified the state company for the PPI (Investment Partnership Program), which will evaluate partnerships between the company and the private sector, including its possible sale. The semiconductor manufacturer is linked to the MCTIC (Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications), as well as the Post and Telebras.


Bolsonaro’s decree, published in the Official Gazette of Wednesday (15), places Ceitec within the scope of the PPI “to enable studies to be carried out and the evaluation of partnership alternatives with the private sector and to propose efficiency gains and results for the company, with a view to ensuring its sustainability economic-financial “.

The studies will be accompanied by an interministerial committee coordinated by the Casa Civil. The group will include representatives from the Ministry of Economy and MCTIC; BNDES and Ceitec will also be invited. The deadline for completing the work will be 180 days, extendable for an equal period.

However, privatization should take longer than that. Martha Seillier, PPI special secretary, told the G1 that the privatization of Ceitec, Telebras and Correios should only occur after 2021, due to the studies necessary to evaluate the future of these companies.

Ceitec makes RFID tags and chip for passports

Ceitec, headquartered in Porto Alegre (RS), was created by presidential decree in 2008. It operates in the semiconductor area, designing and producing integrated circuits and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Its plant is capable of making electronic, optical and microfluidic devices (involving microscale fluids).

The state company is known for e-Passport, a 4 x 4 mm chip that works like a minicomputer: it has a processor and memory to store encrypted biometric data. The forecast was to use this technology in Brazilian passports as of 2018, but negotiations with the federal government did not advance.

Ceitec e-Passport

Ceitec’s turnover was only R $ 7 million last year. It depends mainly on resources from the National Treasury to continue activities; the company received a grant of R $ 75 million in 2017.

Marcos Pontes is not opposed to the privatization process of Ceitec, Telebras and Correios, state-owned companies linked to the MCTIC. “I am very happy that the companies are there at the PPI”, said the minister in an interview to Braziliense Mail. “Studies are being done. At the end of these studies, I may say: ‘OK, this company, for some reason, it is important to stay in government’, ”he says.

“When you do this privatization, you have to preserve public use”, defends Pontes. “Telebras has great public importance in terms of connecting the country. Just like Correios, which is the institution in the country, which is in basically all cities. So, with these public interests preserved, I think there is no problem. ”

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