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Following in the footsteps of Burger King in the United States, the fast-food restaurant in Brazil will also market a version of the Whopper with vegetable hamburger, which is named Rebel Whopper. The novelty begins to appear in the city of São Paulo, as of September 10.

burger king rebel whopper

The company responsible for the hamburger made from plants is Marfrig, differently from what happens in the United States if Impossible Foods takes care of this part. There is still no information on the composition of meat in the fast food chain that operates in Brazil, but it will certainly be different from the set of coconut and sunflower oil, soy, potato protein and heme, which is the molecule that carries oxygen in the blood and that gives the face (and flavor) of meat to the Impossibile Burger.

Even without knowing the set of vegetables, Ariel Grunkraut, marketing director at Burger King Brasil, says that there are no GM foods on the list.


Other snack bars already use versions of hamburger made with plants that have the look of meat, as is the case of Lanchonete da Cidade in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in addition to the TT Burger that exists only in the capital of Rio.

The name Rebel Whopper differs from Impossible Whopper in the United States precisely because it uses a different supplier and Brazil will be the third market in the fast food chain with vegan meat – Sweden is also testing the Rebel Whopper.

The launch will be in 58 stores of the Burger King chain in São Paulo and is scheduled for September 10. As much as the hamburger is not made with animal meat, it is still unclear whether the cheese is vegan.

With information: Estadão.

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