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The Central Bank registered, on Monday (5), almost 200 thousand registrations of Pix keys in about two and a half hours; there are 677 financial institutions capable of both, including fintechs like Nubank and PicPay. But were the big banks prepared? Itaú, Bradesco and Santander had instability and were out of breath this morning.

Photo by Santos and Region Bankers Union / Bradesco

A Bradesco customer explains in DownDetector: “I can’t access the account through the app; he says it is my internet, but the connection is normal ”. Another user reports “slowness to access the platform, does not access the site or WhatsApp”. Complaints started at 10 am, as in Santander.

At Itaú, it was earlier. “I’ve been trying to open the app since 9 am and I can’t,” says a customer at DownDetector. “App offline and says I’m out of the internet,” complains another. “Itaú’s app is offline and via the computer’s browser no longer allows transactions to be made”, says a third party. Problems with access to Itaú, Bradesco and Santander continued throughout the afternoon.

In a statement to the Tecnoblog at 4:35 pm, Itaú Unibanco “clarifies that access to the app for individual customers is already being re-established; the bank apologizes to its customers for any inconvenience and continues to act to eliminate any instability that may still occur ”. Access via internet banking, branches, ATMs and call centers works normally.

Itaú, Bradesco and Santander on DownDetector

Itaú, Bradesco and Santander at DownDetector at 12:00

BC performs 193 thousand Pix key registrations

The Central Bank revealed in a live this morning 193 thousand Pix key registrations were carried out between 9 am and 11:30 am, precisely the period of greatest instability among the big banks.

Keys are one of the differentiators for this instant payment system: other people can transfer money to you knowing only your social security number, cell phone number or email address. It is necessary to register with your financial institution, something released today by BC. Transactions via Pix, in turn, only begin in November.

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