Bolsonaro comments on 5G in Brazil and does not stand in dispute USA x China | Telecommunications

President Jair Bolsonaro is on an official visit to China, and declared on Friday (25) that he will not take a position at the moment on the trade dispute involving the United States. He had private conversations with American President Donald Trump about Huawei, and said that Brazil will prioritize the best offers in the 5G auction.

Jair Bolsonaro and Xi Jinping

Jair Bolsonaro and Chinese President Xi Jinping on October 25, 2019 (Isac Nóbrega / PR)

This is a delicate situation: the Brazilian government does not want to irritate the United States, but does not want to remove Huawei from the country. The company manufactured 70 thousand of the 86 thousand radio antennas in operation in Brazil; and accounts for two thirds of 5G antennas outside China.

At the beginning of the week, Bolsonaro said that the theme of 5G “is not on my radar”, and that the Chinese talked only with Vice President Hamilton Mourão about it. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araujo, the matter has not entered the agenda of bilateral meetings in Beijing.

So, this Friday, Bolsonaro told the leaf that the country will wait for the best offer in the 5G auction, to be held in 2020, because “we cannot be behind technology”. He added by stating that “Brazil has always excelled in pursuing trade and not hurting susceptibilities”. The president also revealed that he had a private conversation with Trump about Huawei, without going into details.

Huawei Mate 30

Huawei Mate 30

US discloses 5G risks to Brazil

US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross told the Value which offered “reserved” and “sensitive” information to the Brazilian government about the risks of 5G, not to mention companies like Huawei. “Brazil has good technology and is able to discover for itself where the risks are.”

For him, all countries should be “very, very attentive about who the seller is [de tecnologias 5G], what are the implications, what are the salesperson’s relationships that can have a negative effect ”.

According to the secretary, “there is a law in China that requires private companies to cooperate with the military and intelligence services, keeping the level of cooperation a secret”.

Yang Wanming, China’s ambassador to Brazil, countered by saying that this law does not exist: “These words are totally unfounded and made up … these comments are aimed at slandering Chinese products alleging security risks, and disrupting normal economic-trade cooperation between China and other countries”.

The ambassador said recently, about the 5G bidding in the country, that “Huawei will not be banned”. The company holds the largest number of 5G patents in the world.

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