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The headphones Huawei FreeLace were launched in Brazil: they have Bluetooth connectivity, pair with the cell phone via USB-C port, bring water resistance and have a battery of up to 18 hours. The accessory will be sold for the suggested price of R $ 599 in official Huawei kiosks, along with P30 Lite and P30 Pro phones.

Huawei FreeLace

Huawei FreeLace has HiPair technology: if you have a cell phone running EMUI, like the P30 Pro, just connect it via USB-C port to pair it. On smartphones of other brands, it is necessary to follow the standard Bluetooth pairing ritual.

The phone can be plugged into the cell phone or notebook to reverse charge via USB-C. The battery has 120 mAh; five minutes of charging provides up to 4 hours of music playback. And at full charge, it promises to hold up to 18 hours of music, 13 hours on calls or 12 days on standby.

Huawei FreeLace

Here you can find the volume, on / off and multi-function controls: tap once to pause, twice to play the next song, and three times to go back to the previous track. When you hold it, you activate the phone’s voice assistant.

There is also a feature called Magnetic Switch. Each side has a magnet, so the two ends come together when they are brought together; this closes the Bluetooth connection and activates the standby mode to save battery. When you separate the headphones, FreeLace will connect again while you put them to your ear.

Huawei FreeLace

The microphone has a double cavity, which allows air to pass through and promises to reduce the effect of wind on the voice pickup. The body is coated with silicone, weighs 27 g and has IPX5 protection against water.

Huawei FreeLace is sold in emerald green in Huawei kiosks in São Paulo (MorumbiShopping and Shopping Eldorado), Campinas (Shopping Dom Pedro), Rio de Janeiro (BarraShopping) and Brasília (ParkShopping).

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