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After the not so well received conference last year, Blizzard decided to put its foot in the door at this BlizzCon 2019. Right away, it announced the long-awaited Diablo IV – seven years after the launch of Diablo III. The fourth game in the demonic franchise promises to rescue the dark roots and terror of the original game, with some mechanics from the second title and giving players the freedom to choose their own path.


Blizzard says that this will be the most extensive and vast version ever created of Sanctuary (region where the game’s story takes place) and other heroes will emerge to face a new ancestral evil. The game promises to bring unlimited gameplay possibilities and progression, which leads us to understand that there will not be, for example, level cap for your character. It will be?

About the new game environment, Diablo IV will have several missions spread across regions of ecosystems very different from each other, according to the developer, and with new enemies. Dungeons, already known to Diablo III, will also be explored again and generated at random.

The game will feature its traditional singleplayer and cooperative mode, but will feature an unprecedented mode that will place groups of players in the same shared world. This way, you can slaughter enemies with your teammates or… Fight each other! Yes, for the first time, we will have PvP in the series Diablo.

First 3 hero classes revealed

The first three playable heroes were also announced today, and certainly others will come over the months (or years, who knows when that game will come out!). They are:

  • Barbarian: the game’s ever-present tanker. Of extraordinary brute force, this hero mainly uses short-range combat. In Diablo IV, the character uses the new “Arsenal” system, which allows him to use four weapons and quickly switch between them.
  • Druid: to remember Diablo II, this morphing hero manipulates the forces of nature to his advantage. He will be able to switch between human, werewolf and bear forms.
  • Maga: also back to the mechanics of Diablo II, the character controls natural elements by conjuring (for example) icicles, launching fire meteors, or electrocuting enemies with lightning.

I sincerely hope that Blizzard announces that the Necromancer will return too!

All the heroes already announced (and those who may come) will have several possibilities for customizing skills and talents, as well as a vast treasure system with weapons, armor and legendary runes to find. It will even be possible to have custom mounts to face the open world of Sanctuary.

Diablo IV will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One (in principle). When? Only time will tell.

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