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StarCraft 2 ends an important cycle. Blizzard announced that the strategy game will no longer receive new content after 10 years of its original release. The game will still be updated to receive bug fixes and problems, but don’t expect any major additions from now on.

StarCraft 2 will no longer have new content (Image: Blizzard)

StarCraft 2 will no longer have new content (Image: Blizzard)

The news was published by Blizzard in a post on its official blog. The company recalls that it supported a lot of StarCraft 2 over the years, including new game modes, unprecedented multiplayer commanders and, of course, constant balancing.

The company guarantees that it will continue to support the game, with “season” updates, in the same way that even today it offers correction content and support to players of older titles, such as Brood War, expansion of the first StarCraft.

Sports tournaments also continue normally, as StarCraft 2 it is still considered a very important game for professional competitions, especially in Asia and Europe, even though it has lost ground to other titles.

However, new characters, chapters, commanders or game modes will no longer be released. The game will still be sold normally on

The content of StarCraft 2

Launched on July 25, 2010, StarCraft 2 arrived in three different parts, which together form a single game. The chapters Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void form the entire campaign of the game, focusing on the conflict between Terrans, Zergs and Protons.

However, the great focus of the StarCraft 2 is in its multiplayer mode. The game is considered one of the responsible for the expansion of electronic sports thanks to official tournaments, since its first version.

It is possible to play against another player or even in teams, on a gigantic map where everyone needs to evolve their civilizations to defeat enemies with attack units.

With information: Blizzard.

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