Bill forces stores to warn about using facial recognition | Legislation

Stores may be required to inform consumers about the use of facial recognition systems on their premises. The proposal has been discussed in the Chamber of Deputies since April and had an advance on Wednesday (21).

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O Bill 2.537 / 2019, by Deputy Juninho do Pneu (DEM-RJ), was approved by the Chamber’s Economic Development, Industry, Commerce and Services Commission. It requires stores to have notices for customers.

“Commercial establishments that use facial recognition programs in order to identify consumers must alert them at the entrance of the establishment with signs and / or stickers of the analysis of characteristics being used,” says the document.

The author of the project points out that, in addition to identifying people, the systems can detect emotions and reactions through monitored expressions, “which violates fundamental human rights such as privacy and freedom of expression”, guaranteed by the Constitution.

In his justification, he says that “another concern with facial recognition and detection systems involves failures in the identification of people, especially in the different precision for different ethnic and racial groups”.

The proposal’s rapporteur, Mr Guiga Peixoto (PSL-SP), presented a favorable opinion for its approval, considering that it offers more guarantees to the consumer. Through facial recognition systems, storeowners can access registration and default data, for example.

“Facial recognition technologies, while being advanced identification tools, deal with different ethical issues, since they can be used by default in the knowledge of the people to whom they are submitted”, he says, in his opinion.

The project will also go through the Consumer Protection (CDC) and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship (CCJC) commissions. Due to its conclusive character, if it is approved in both, it will not need to be analyzed in plenary and will be forwarded to the Senate if approved in the committees.

With information: Chamber of Deputies.

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