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A bill foresees that prepaid cell phone credits are valid for at least one year: the proposal was approved on Thursday (31) by the Chamber’s Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ). However, the text was rejected by the Science and Technology Commission (CCT) and, therefore, lost its conclusive character: that is, it will have to be voted in plenary by all deputies.

Bill forces prepaid cell phone credit to be valid for

O bill 618/2007 defines that the cell phone enabled in prepaid can only be blocked to receive calls after at least one year of the activation of the last credit. Operators that do not comply with this may suffer penalties such as warning, fine and temporary suspension.

The text was authored by deputy Lincoln Portela (PL / MG), and received a constitutionality opinion from the rapporteur Daniel Freitas (PSL / SC). He must go to the plenary session in the Chamber, in addition to being approved in the Senate, to then be sanctioned or vetoed by the president.

Anatel’s current regulation states that operators cannot offer credits with a validity of less than 30 days, and also have options with a validity of 90 or 180 days or more. Operators are also required to renew credits due on the next top-up, as well as notify customers when the balance is close to running out.

Of course, Oi and TIM have credits worth up to 180 days

This is the minimum and maximum validity of prepaid recharges at the four main operators:

  • Claro is valid between 30 days (R $ 10) and 180 days (R $ 100);
  • Oi is valid between 30 days (recharges below R $ 20) and 180 days (recharges from R $ 100);
  • TIM is valid between 30 days (R $ 15) and 180 days (R $ 100);
  • Vivo offers credits valid between 30 days (R $ 15) and 730 days (R $ 300).

What about Vivo Easy? This plan does not set an expiration date for the credits, as long as the customer has some active data balance or daily contracted; however, it falls into the postpaid category within Anatel’s criteria.

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