Banco do Brasil has a bot on WhatsApp that understands voice messages | Applications and Software

Since May 2018, Banco do Brasil has offered a bot for WhatsApp capable of informing balance, requesting withdrawals, making transfers, among others. It has been updated and is now also able to recognize requests made by voice messages.

Banco do Brasil has a bot on WhatsApp that understands

Photo: Mobile Time

The information is Mobile Time, who spoke to the manager of solutions in artificial intelligence and integration with Banco do Brasil’s customer service, Emmanuelle Oliveira. According to her, the bot started to understand when users send audios in which they say “check balance”, for example.

The recognition of voice commands is in the soft launch phase and, therefore, the assistant does not reveal the option in the conversation. Even so, BB customers can now record voice messages to try out the feature.

The bot’s responses continue to appear in text, but the bank is considering offering them in audio as well. The move would help make WhatsApp conversations more accessible to people with difficulty reading what’s on the screen.

The assistant, which already allows payments, is also being adapted to use the WhatsApp camera. The change will allow the bot to read bar codes and streamline payments, but it is still being tested.

Banco do Brasil’s customers seem to have approved the exchange of messages via WhatsApp, which has grown in recent months. The institution recorded 5.8 million messages exchanged between October 2018 and July 2019. Of the total messages, around 1.7 million were exchanged in July alone.

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