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Apple will introduce a controversial feature in iOS 13.1 for the recent iPhone XS and XR, launched last year. As of this update, the devices are included in the list of branded devices that can receive a brake on performance to, according to Apple, optimize the use of the battery.

iPhone XR

IOS 13.1 will bring some features that were not ready to reach the public in iOS 13, released yesterday (19). Along with the news, users who bought the 2018 top-of-the-line smartphone from the Cupertino company will receive the controversial limited performance that was recently spotted on gadgets that have been using the battery for a while.

The performance drop occurs when an older iPhone reaches 80% of the original battery capacity. In fact any smartphone battery works like this, but Apple hid a drop in the strength of the phone’s processor to be able to compensate for the battery that is no longer in its best days.

After being caught doing this and promoting a generous discount for those who wanted to change the battery, iOS started to indicate the current health of the battery and also makes it clear if it is limiting the capabilities of the device – a limitation that can be manually disabled, but it works automatically by default.

This “feature” affects older devices, but the surprise is that the iPhone XS and XR, both launched almost in the last quarter of last year, entered this program and may have reduced maximum performance.

IOS 13.1 would be released only at the end of September, but Apple has advanced the download and it will be available for all devices that received iOS 13 from September 24th.

With information: The Verge.

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