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THE Apple announced today (10) the launch of the Apple Watch Series 5: with few changes inside and out, the main novelty is due to the screen that can display the display all the time, maintaining the same battery autonomy as the previous generation. In addition, for the first time, there is a model made of titanium.

Apple Watch Series 5

During the presentation, Apple highlighted the display that can be visible at all times. To enable this feature without draining the battery, the new Apple Watch uses some new technologies, such as the screen that lowers the OLED refresh rate to up to 1 Hz – against 60 Hz in the normal way.

In addition, the watchface changes and has fewer connected areas – which helps in saving, since it decreases the brightness and the number of LEDs that are lit. With that the promise of 18 hours of continuous use continues here, even with the screen on. It is far from good autonomy, but at least it has not decreased. The downside is that with 18 hours of use, tracking sleep with an app is practically impossible.

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Another novelty is that the material of the box can be recycled aluminum, titanium, ceramic or stainless steel. Inside, the Apple Watch Series 5 added a compass and an international emergency call function.

The pre-sale of the smartwatch starts today in the United States and 38 other countries, starting at $ 399 for the data-free version of mobile networks, and $ 499 for the 4G version. Prices in Brazil have not yet been revealed; O Tecnoblog asked Apple for more details about the country launch.

The Series 3, in turn, now starts at $ 199; it was released for $ 329 two years ago. In Brazil, the values ​​are as follows:

  • 38 mm: R $ 1,999 (before R $ 2,899)
  • 42 mm: R $ 2,249 (before R $ 3,099)
  • 38 mm (with 4G): R $ 2,899 (before R $ 3,899)
  • 42 mm (with 4G): R $ 3,149 (before R $ 4,099)

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