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After the iPhone 11, iFixit disassembled the new Apple Watch Series 5 and found another peculiar detail: Apple has considerably changed the battery design of the 40 mm smartwatch. The novelty may be related to an increase in battery capacity of the smaller model, which was almost 10%.

Apple Watch Series 5

The new battery is only present in the 40 mm model, not the 44 mm model. Instead of a dark film around the battery, used in most lithium-ion components, there is a new metallic cover, probably made of aluminum, according to iFixit. It is the first time that this design has been adopted in an Apple product.

And what difference does it make? An patent obtained by Apple in 2016 remembers the new design: it makes the battery more resistant and, in the case of the Apple Watch Series 5, although there are no significant changes in the size of the component, the capacity increased from 224.9 mAh in the Series 4 to 245 mAh in the new model.

Apple Watch Series 4 and 5

According to iFixit, a more resistant battery makes repairs more practical, as “it is very easy to pierce a lithium-ion battery during repairs”, which can cause fires. In addition, as Apple’s patent suggests that it is possible to fix the new battery with screws, this means that the company could abandon the glue, simplifying the watch repair process.

Inside the Apple Watch Series 5 itself, there’s nothing much different, except for a new internal compass and double the internal memory, which is now 32 GB. Its main novelty in relation to the previous generation is the possibility to keep the screen always on, thanks to a panel with variable update rate, which can operate at 1 Hz to save energy. In the case of the 44 mm model, there was an increase of only 1.4% in battery capacity.

Apple Watch Series 5

It earned a respectable 6/10 on the iFixit repairability index, which measures how easy it is to repair the product and replace internal parts. The note is the same as the iPhone 11.

The Apple Watch Series 5 has yet to be released in Brazil, while the iPhones 11 arrive earlier than usual, on October 18. In the United States, the new smartwatch is sold with prices starting at $ 399, and can reach $ 1,399 in versions with leather strap and ceramic body.

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