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THE Apple is creating an unnecessary problem in changing the drums of iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: If you do this in unauthorized assistance, the phone will display an alert message saying that “it is not possible to verify that this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery”. The warning appears even if the battery is original.

iPhone XS

This alert was discovered by youtuber Justin Ashford, from The Art of Repair, and successfully replicated by iFixit. After the exchange, the iPhone displays an “important message about the battery” saying that it has failed to verify that it is genuine, and warns that it will not be able to report its capacity or health status.

This can scare some users because they think the new battery is already defective. However, iFixit confirmed that the “important message” appears even after inserting a genuine Apple battery into the iPhone.

Justin reproduced the problem on an iPhone XS running iOS 12; this continued to occur in iOS 13 beta. The device received the genuine battery from another iPhone XS, but the maintenance message appeared on the screen. The youtuber says that this only affects the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.

The new battery works normally and does not affect the iPhone’s performance, even if it displays the “important message”. However, the user will not be able to see the battery capacity or whether it is healthy.

iPhone XS and battery warning on iOS 12

IPhone battery has authentication chip

Why does it happen? Justin discovered that there is a Texas Instruments microcontroller inside the battery that provides capacity and temperature information for the iPhone; it is a very common component in any smartphone.

However, it does include a feature that associates the battery with the iPhone’s logic board: without this unique authentication key, the phone displays the “maintenance” message. This is true even if you install an official battery, because the authentication key for an iPhone XS is different from another iPhone XS. Only an authorized service provider or Apple can authenticate a different battery.

Technically, it is possible to transfer the microcontroller chip from the original battery and solder it to the new battery, but this requires work that should not be necessary. The easiest way, for now, is to pay R $ 449 for Apple to change the battery.

CEO Tim Cook said iPhone sales have declined, in part, because many customers have changed the battery of old devices at a lower price (R $ 149 in Brazil) instead of buying a new smartphone.

Apple has yet to comment on the case.

With information: iFixit.

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