Apple TV + should cost $ 9.99 a month and arrive in November

The second quarter of the year was not the most exciting for Netflix, but the next may be even more challenging: the Apple TV +, a video streaming service from the Cupertino company, is expected to launch in November this year on a global scale. In the United States, the price is estimated at $ 9.99 per month.

Apple TV + - Tim Cook

At least that’s what the Bloomberg. Sources close to Apple told the vehicle that the service will debut with a very limited collection of productions, but that the idea is to expand the content over the next few months.

As competition in the streaming segment is heavy, Apple would be considering adopting some strategies to attract and retain subscribers. You can start with a free trial period, because this is a common practice in the industry.

Then there would be different approaches, such as making the first three episodes of a new series available at once and then releasing the following weekly. It would be a mix of Netflix’s strategy, which releases a season at once (with few exceptions, as in Better Call Saul), with the tactic of HBO or Hulu, which release weekly episodes.

Apple TV +

If Apple TV + opens even in November, we will see an interesting fight: Disney + is scheduled to launch for the same month, more precisely, for November 12 in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.

If the $ 9.99 monthly price for Apple TV + is confirmed, Disney + will be more advantageous: the service should have a starting price of $ 6.99 per month. For comparison, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have an initial tuition of $ 8.99 in the United States.

To differentiate the service, Apple must bet on the integration of the new platform with its ecosystem and, of course, on offering exclusive content.

Among the productions promised for the service are the remake of Amazing Stories (whose original version aired between 1985 and 1987), The Morning Show (with Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon), See (with Jason Momoa), Truth Be Told (with Octavia Spencer) and For All Mankind (by Ronald Moore).

Only The Morning Show – series on the backstage of a morning show – has an estimated cost of US $ 300 million for the first two seasons, say sources close to the production.

It’s a high amount, but Apple seems determined to make a good impression with its content. In late June, Apple’s vice president of services, Eddy Cue, went so far as to declare that the company will prioritize “quality” over “quantity”.

It sounds like a cliché speech, but Apple has plenty of reasons to take that statement seriously. First, there is a change in strategy: as consumers have taken longer to replace iPhones, iPads and Macs, Apple is shifting more efforts to services.

Apple Music and Apple News + are part of this maneuver. Apple TV + will do too. According to the Bloomberg, the company expects to reach $ 50 billion in annual service revenue starting in 2020.

In addition, Apple is well aware that competition in the video streaming industry is very fierce. Netflix, for example, has been criticized for the quality of some of its content, but it is far from being left behind. Disney + should provide an enviable collection, including franchises such as Star Wars and The Simpsons, in addition to the Marvel universe.

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