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Apple has devoted much of its efforts to its subscription services. To ensure that they have an expressive user base, the company also evaluates offering them in packages. That’s what can happen with Apple TV + and Apple Music.

Apple TV + and Apple Music may be offered in bundles

According to the Financial Times, Apple is considering creating a package that gives access to its streaming video and music services with just one subscription. There is still no information on how much they would cost together, but the company is already discussing the possibility with the record companies.

This is because they may be affected by changes in the calculation of copyright values. Conversations are at an early stage, but some companies are open to the new format. According to FT, only one of the record companies shows concerns about a possible loss of revenue.

Apple TV + will be launched in the US on November 1 for $ 4.99 a month (in Brazil, it will cost $ 9.90). The individual Apple Music plan, on the other hand, costs US $ 9.99 per month (R $ 16.90, in Brazil).

If Apple decides not to cut revenue, it could charge around $ 13 for the package. In this case, the company would only reduce the margin of its streaming video, which will only have its own productions.

The idea could also be taken to other company services like Apple News +, which offers more than 300 magazines and newspapers for $ 9.99 a month, and Arcade, which brings together 100 exclusive games for $ 4.99 a month.

Regardless of the price, it is increasingly clear that Apple’s focus is not on short-term profit, but on growing the number of users. The company offers a free year of Apple TV + to anyone who buys an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch or Mac and appears to be keeping an eye on the paid subscriptions that are expected to appear automatically in 2020 and 2021 when the trial period ends.

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