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To the sadness of Apple fans, the line iPhone 12, which is expected to launch in October, should not support 120 Hz screens. Thus, smartphones would fall behind high-end phones from Samsung and Motorola, which have rates of 120 and 90 Hz. Adherence to this feature it would have been postponed to 2021 because of problems related to battery life, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

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The forecast contradicts the expectation that at least the “Pro” models would support 120 Hz. But the explanation is not exactly a surprise, knowing the history of Apple with batteries that discharge quickly. The company has evolved in this regard in recent years, but apparently the new technology could put everything at a loss.

It is worth remembering that on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Tecnoblog tests confirmed the high energy expenditure of the 120 Hz display – in the words of Paulo Higa, the smartphone screen “drinks through a straw battery”.

Instead of abolishing the higher fee (or ignoring energy expenditure), Samsung opted for a different solution on the Note 20 Ultra, allowing the variation of the refresh rate, something that could have been taken advantage of by Apple, with the adoption of screens LTPO – but that will probably stay for the next generation.

Testing unit of iPhone 12 Pro Max has option to activate 120 Hz screen (Photo: Playback / Twitter / EverythingApplePro)

Testing unit of the iPhone 12 Pro Max had an option to activate 120 Hz screen (Photo: Playback / Twitter / EverythingApplePro)

The great benefit of 120 Hz screens is the greater graphic fluidity – on an Android phone, this is very noticeable in the transition of screens and opening apps. It seems that everything is faster and smoother. The final impact for the average user on a recent iPhone is not known for certain, since iOS already provides a very fluid experience, even at a rate of 60 Hz. But from what we saw in the iPad Pro, the expectations are encouraging.

Anyway, if the recent predictions are right, we will have to wait another year to find out. For now, we can still expect the iPhone 12 with 5G support, but the rest of the changes should only be incremental.

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