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THE Apple should announce the next generation of iPhone a month from now, and rumors say that we will have three new phones to succeed the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, two of them with triple camera. Now, a reliable source says the company will use the term “Pro” on at least one of the models, as well as the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.

Apple to launch iPhone Pro 16 MacBook Pro and new

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The source, known as @CoinX on twitter, asks a rhetorical question: “’Pro’ for the iPhone? The naming schemes have gone crazy in recent years. ” Meanwhile, an anonymous tip sent to MacRumors says that “the iPhone with square camera will be called iPhone 11 Pro”.

The rumor makes some sense: we already have the MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac Pro and iPad Pro; the iPhone could also enter this nomenclature. After all, Apple likes to standardize names among its product lines: Mac OS X became macOS to look like iOS and watchOS; while the iPad Air and iPad Pro follow the example of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Will Apple have an “iPhone 11 Pro” or just “iPhone Pro”?

So, we could have an iPhone 11 Pro instead of “Max”, along with an iPhone 11 and iPhone 11R. Or Apple could abandon the nomenclature with numbers, just as it does with iPads, adopting the iPhone and iPhone Pro brands.

It is worth remembering that, yes, the term “Pro” has already been used by Apple in products aimed at professionals. It has acquired another meaning since then, and indicates that it is a gadget that has more features – and that costs more. So it is with the HuaweiP30 Pro, for example.

According to Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo, the successors of the iPhone XS and XS Max will have a triple camera at the rear. The third sensor would come with a wide-angle lens for the Smart Frame feature, capable of readjusting the frame in photos and videos after capture.

iPhone 11 (XI)

It is worth noting that the @CoinX account has a notable history, correctly advancing various information about Apple in the last year:

  • she revealed the names of the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max before any vehicle in the media;
  • hit the weight iPhone XS (208 g) days before the official announcement;
  • contrary to rumors, he said iPhones would come with a 5 W slow charger – and got it right;
  • confirmed that the 2018 iPad Pro would be 5.9 mm thick and would come without a headphone jack (the 2017 models had a 3.5 mm connector);
  • advanced the launch of a new iPad off the Pro line with a 10.5-inch screen; it’s the iPad Air (2019).

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